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Intellectualising experiences, the key to TecDoc success in today's business environment

Looking back, the last 10 years highlight TecDoc's success, proving our commitment to simplifying information, converting information to usable knowledge and ultimately synthesising into intelligence

To the outside world information exists as documents, presentations, white pages, training materials, thesis, memos, reports and means of communication.  To us at TecDoc we are always a step ahead in understanding the very essence of what makes information intelligence

Unwrapping the components of information, connecting these components to how the human brain processes and applies this information whether it is operating a machinery, using a workflow system, managing corporate communication, formulating bandwidth spectrums, interpreting legislations, dispatching electricity, administering social policies we have done it all.  It is little wonder why we landed up with these assignments considering that each assignment required something from us to provide unique, innovative approach to make it work.

We are not just information specialists, change managers, trainers, communication agents, technical writers and authors.  We have no boundaries.  We question the impossible. The important factor in all of this is that our clients love us doing it. They know that we are unique and hence have engaged us despite not actively marketing our services.  Our legacy with each assignment is evidence to this fact and is just not in one domain, or in one country or in one discipline.

The key element in our success is how we transform information to intelligence which led TecDoc to arrive with three major elements that we will focus, to evolve and grow further to assist our clients in future endeavours.

We are known as the Intelligence Company, intellectualising organisational assets using technology as part of our consulting experiences and learning through sharing what we do and apply.  So, the focus of TecDoc is in three areas, namely :

 - consulting where we experience in live environments our designs and concepts,
 - technology developments that compliment our consulting practices, and
 - training to share our experiences and learning's with wider audience.

While focussing on the three areas we are sure to take it to the extremes by intellectualising what comes our way during this exercise.  We are bound to share these experiences through our seminars and newsletters. So watch this space.







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